FX Transaction Management (FTM)

FX Transaction Management (FTM) is a kind of services provided by Lastcoin Investment to corporate and HNI clients whereby we structurally along with the client and their banking partner try to smoothen their forex transactions inward or outward and improves the bottom line of clients by cutting their costs and enhance their transaction efficiency. In this process, bank charged you over and above what is agreed. The dealers at Lastcoin Investment have been successfully convincing banks on the prevailing inter-bank, Cash/Tom rates. Though in some cases it may take us 2-3 transactions to bring the bank at par to our costs and requirements. Dealers at Lastcoin Investment needs a supportive and understanding client to quickly normalize the operations. All deals being handled by Lastcoin Investment are kept confidential and complete information is secured. The dealing room has a restricted entry and only dealers appointed by Lastcoin Investment can enter that premises. The systems are secured and encrypted to protect client information. Further, we don’t seek ask for any documents from the clients and information which is privy to clients and their businesses. Only information sought is Amount, Currency, Nature of Transaction (Export/Import), Type of Transaction (Cash/Tom/Spot/Forward) and the bank. All client orders and subsequent cover with banks are taken over recorded lines. The deal confirmation comes with the exact time of the transaction covered with the bank. A client can request for the voice recordings for some of the transactions randomly to keep a check.

While you focus on your business and finances, this service lets you completely outsource forex rate booking process with banks. This is done by authorizing Lastcoin Investment to transact the remittances on your behalf.
• We manage and monitor FX exposures of our clients who may not be having dedicated resources/department to take care of the same:
• Complete guide on handling of client’s FX operations.
• Assistance on risk management policy setting and hedging strategies.
• Deal with banks' dealing room on behalf of the company to obtain FX quotes.
• Monitoring and Reporting of FX exposures, FX-risk covered, and MTM.

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