Forex Risk Advisory

Forex is highly volatile market place. There is continuous fluctuation in forex on day by day basis. We as a Lastcoin Investment have a dedicated, dynamic and expert team for Forex Advisory. Our Forex experts continuously monitor the technical and fundamental factors so that we maintain our highly accuracy in the forex market. With the growing volatility, it has become really challenging for corporate to manage their forex exposure and protect their bottom line. Here at Lastcoin Investment, we specialize in mitigating the currency risk through different hedging products and keep a check on the interest cost at all the times.

Under this service, we move one step ahead and along with the information system. We pro-actively provide forex risk advisory to our clients after understanding the client risk profile and FX exposure. We guide on the future course of action and assist in taking hedging decision. We assist in structuring transaction in the optimum way. In order to ensure that all the hedging decision are in sync with the market movement, expectations and overall management objective. We undertake a periodical review of the hedging strategy.

Our unique Advisory and Hedging Strategies help our clients to handle forex matters with utmost ease. A judicious blend of our experts' experience coupled with their commitment towards the customer helps devise unique strategies that come in handy.
• This service will function like a Virtual Forex CFO of your company
• Our Portfolio Management Systems helps you to monitor your forex exposure more effectively.
• It will prove to be a major support for all your forex decisions that ultimately impacts your bottomline.

When you leave the job to be done by our experts, what you get in return are the most optimum results for your forex portfolio. This is because our experts have the required domain knowledge to advise you for achieving optimum results. This will increase your chances of getting the best prices when you deal in international currencies. Our forex experts provide the advisory accordings to the client's requirements in different currencies.

Choose Your Plan Now

Lastcoin Basic FX Solutions

1. Need based Advisory
2. Daily research reports
3. Opening and closing rates through whatsapp
4. Daily news and updates
5. Technical outlook on all currencies
6. Weekly projections
7. Daily intraday trading calls through whatsapp

Lastcoin Standard FX Solutions

Everything in Basic+
1. Live Forex screen
2. Premium research reports
3. Exposure Management
4. Hedging Strategies discussion.
5. Discuss on call with experts for all market inputs
6. Half day training on Forex market and basic
7. Maintain P&L MIS of services
8. Review meetings (every 6 months)

Lastcoin Premium FX Solutions

Everything in Premium+
1. Drafting Basic Risk Management Policy (RMP) and Review of existing RMP
2. Daily Advisory & Market Update on call
3. Discuss on bank products & charges to reduce cost
4. Advisory on working capital & cost reduction strategy
5. Daily live mark to market of your exposures & discuss on it.
6. One day training on option and derivative as well as market factors
7. Review meetings (every 3 months)
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