Trade Finance

Increased widely cross border trade presents an international trader with various challenges. A corporate having a Imports and Exports apart from effectively managing the currency risk are also concerned about reducing the interest cost / cost of borrowings linked to the it. Especially in certain sectors, where the margins are thin, the additional avenue for an importer/exporter would be to reduce costs so as to improve his bottom line. Today the business world is ever - changing and growing. LastCoin we can help your business grow by advising suitable various financial Instruments in consultative manner. These Instruments include Buyers Credit / Supplier’s Credit, Export Factoring, Bill Discounting, Inland Bill Discounting, etc.

Our Trade Finance team is supported by network of Banking and Financial Institutes ready to fulfill your business trade needs. To assist your import/export business, our syndication team can help you find international banks providing Libor linked finance and guide you on the ways to reduce the cost of financing the transaction. We are serving market to reduce banking costs thus improving your bottom lines. We have a full-fledged trade finance setup arranging for the following trade related requirements.

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