Gain from the fluctuations in the market with the superior guidance, data-driven strategies and high-end technology platform by Lastcoin Investment


Lastcoin Investment & Fund Management is Delhi based investment and treasury consulting company which recognise your business risks while dealing with foreign currencies and provide you with optimum results. We constantly strive to provide you with a phenomenal strategy, understanding your company’s risk appetite, and provide you the perfect solution for the identified need-gaps in your company's financial and foreign exchange model. Every business involved in international trade is open to exchange rate fluctuations, which in turn affects their bottom line with unexpected returns on their foreign exchange exposures. Our services given to the individuals, small, medium and large scale enterprises directly. It is a kind of platform capturing the tunes of forex market volatility of days high & low.

Lastcoin Investment has its philosophy deeply rooted in discovering value across a wide spectrum of asset classes including equities, global forex, commodities and bullion. At Lastcoin Investment we aspire to be the benchmark in providing unique and objective investment solutions to our various clients depending on their portfolio size, financial goals and time horizon. Integrity and transparency in our relationships is the stepping stone of our business. It is our belief that every client’s needs are distinct and hence optimizing the balance between their return and risk appetite is the key. The objective is to identify medium to long term public market opportunities in undervalued businesses run by talented and honest managers and having certain core competencies providing a competitive edge when compared to other industry peers. The Lastcoin Investment ideology arises from strong fundamental research combined with technical aspects and using different methodologies such as thematic approach, perception driven PE, bottom-up & top-down among others to identify multi-bagger ideas.

We at Lastcoin Investment have an unparalleled passion for the financial markets and truly believe that over the long run well researched value investments in equities has been an unmatched way to create wealth and gain. The financial markets are a window to businesses across all industries and sectors at one place presenting an array of varied investment opportunities suited to our clients equally varied investment needs. The markets are neutral at all times and do not discriminate between the rich and the poor hence presenting an opportunity for all to make their investments work for them.

So, let’s join hands in our endeavor to guide you in this very rewarding journey of identifying the immense opportunities in the Indian and global capital markets.