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The need of insurance is meant not for the little hassles in life but for the big events that hold the chance to derail you financially. Did you know in comparison with people who begin planning at early stage, see their liabilities shrink while their assets grow by the time they reach retirement?

But unfortunately, many families in India still fail to protect their biggest treasure, their family and loved ones. While thinking about financial security, embedding insurance still does not top the list of many Indians.

When you don't hesitate to postpone buying a dream home, a car then why life insurance? "It is always better to prepare and prevent than to repair and repent", today is the right time to fill your security buckets. Why delay securing the life that are most dear to you?

Life Insurance

It is almost impossible to escape a bad news; death and calamity can knock at your door any time. Furthermore, life changing events not only worsen yours but to a great extent leave your dependents distressed both financially as well as emotionally.

A life insurance answers: